List of Accepted Papers

The accepted papers in ISARCS 2013 are listed below. The detailed program will be announced on CompArch website soon.

  • Thomas Gamer, Thijmen de Gooijer, Manuel Oriol, Michael Wahler, and Ettore Ferranti. Fault-tolerant Fault Tolerance for Component-Based Automation Systems.
  • Xiwei Xu, Qinghua Lu, Liming Zhu, and Jim Zhanwen Li. Availability Analysis for Deployment of In-Cloud Applications.
  • Teerat Pitakrat, Andre van Hoorn, and Lars Grunske. A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Proactive Hard Disk Drive Failure Detection.
  • Maurice H. Ter Beek, Fabio Gadducci, and Francesco Santini. Validating Reconfigurations of Reo Circuits in an e-Banking Scenario.
  • Cuauhtemoc Castellanos, Thomas Vergnaud, Etienne Borde, Thomas Derive, and Laurent Pautet. Formalization of Design Patterns for Security and Dependability.
  • Roshanak Roshandel, Payman Arabshahi, and Radha Poovendran. LIDAR: A Layered Intrusion Detection and Remediation Framework for Smartphones.
  • Marc Ronell. Safety Concerns Regarding the Use of Visual Programming in Civilian Avionics Software.